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List of released Magdalo officers

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By Joel Guinto
Last updated 05:18pm (Mla time) 12/20/2007

MANILA, Philippines — Following is the list of 53 officers of the Magdalo group who were released from detention Thursday after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo commuted their sentences to allow them to spend Christmas with their families.

The freed officers had struck a plea bargain with the court martial that tried them for the short-lived 2003 Oakwood mutiny.

A 54th officer, 1st Lieutenant Patricio Bumidang Jr., was not released because he is needed as a state witnesses against other Magdalo members still undergoing trial.

The officers and their branch of service follows:

Philippine Army

1. First Lieutenant Jeffrey Cauguiran
2. First Lieutenant Jose Enrico Dingle
3. First Lieutenant Julius Navales
4. First Lieutenant Emerson Margate
5. Second Lieutenant Laurefel Gabales
6. Second Lieutenant Regino Orteza
7. Second Lieutenant Jeoffrey Tacio
8. Second Lieutenant Archibald Raniel
9. Second Lieutenant Noel Tomonglay
10. Second Lieutenant Nestor Jason Camba
11. Second Lieutenant Ryan Quisai
12. Second Lieutenant Wary James Tayaban

Philippine Navy

1. Lieutenant Senior Grade Norberto Santiago Jr.
2. Lieutenant Junior Grade Ronald Galicia
3. Lieutenant Junior Grade Marco Angelo Ancheta
4. Lieutenant Junior Grade Ceferino Checa III
5. Ensign Juvenal Azurin
6. Ensign Rex Calano
7. Ensign Elmer Cruz
8. Ensign Emerson Rosales
9. Ensign Jonathan Jay Adlawan
10. Ensign Jonah Arugay
11. Ensign Jeffrey Bangsa
12. Ensign Cesar Carmel Tamba
13. Ensign Jeffrey Samuel Daquilanea
14. Ensign Lyle Rosos
15. Ensign Bryan Babang
16. Ensign Arjohn Elumba
17. Ensign Ronald Diso
18. Ensign Ian Luis Badecao III
19. Ensign Victor Odulio

Philippine Marines

1. First Lieutenant Jonathan Costales
2. First Lieutenant Ronald Allan Ricardo
3. Second Lieutenant Danny Cañaveral
4. Second Lieutenant Filmore Rull
5. Second Lieutenant Oswald Ian Dira
6. Second Lieutenant Samsudin Lintongan
7. Second Lieutenant Leopoldo Apillanes Jr.
8. Second Lieutenant Mark Damaso
9. Second Lieutenant Giovanni Pallan
10. Second Lieutenant Edgardo Aguilar
11. Second Lieutenant Norman Spencer Lo
12. Second Lieutenant Larry Cendaña
13. Second Lieutenant Havelino Salih
14. Second Lieutenant Lexington Alonzo

Philippine Air Force

1. First Lieutenant Wilfredo Camacho
2. Second Lieutenant Mark Dennis Derecho
3. Second Lieutenant Charleston Tan
4. Second Lieutenant Archie Grande
5. Second Lieutenant Jeveehboy Macarubbo
6. Second Lieutenant Joel Plaza
7. Second Lieutenant Adrian Alvariño
8. Second Lieutenant Jigger Montallana

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