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Faeldon: Arroyo needs ‘guard dog’ Esperon ‘to survive’

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 14:29:00 05/12/2008

MANILA, Philippines — President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should keep retired Armed Forces chief Hermogenes Esperon Jr. as a “personal guard dog” to keep herself in power, a Marine officer wanted for his alleged role in a number of coup attempts said Monday.

In a statement addressed to Arroyo, Captain Nicanor Faeldon said: “Today, the last of your Garci generals retires from the military. Keep him close for he is rare among us in uniform: an officer willing to prostitute his own institution just to keep you, a fake president, in power.”

Faeldon’s statement was released by his lawyer, Trixie Cruz-Angeles, on the day Esperon relinquished his post to Lieutenant General Alexander Yano in ceremonies presided over by Arroyo in Camp Aguinaldo.

“Even if he [Esperon] has officially retired from the service, you have corrupted a once worthy officer into a personal guard dog. He has persecuted those who chose to serve the people instead of you,” Faeldon said.

Esperon was one of four generals mentioned in purported wiretapped conversations of Arroyo and ex-elections commissioner Virgilio Garcillano during the canvassing of the votes in the 2004 election, in which they allegedly discussed how to rig the results in her favor.

Esperon has denied the charge and a military fact-finding board cleared him and the military of involvement in the alleged electoral fraud, although its report was never fully released to the public.

Faeldon took exception to Esperon’s branding rebel soldiers “misguided” and afflicted with “messianic complex.”

He said that in her seven years in office, Arroyo has “perfected lying into an art” and “corrupted” democratic institutions.

Faeldon also warned Arroyo: “Kami ay patuloy na magsisilbi sa tao. Patuloy naming lalabanan ang iyong administrasyon na walang dinulot sa taongbayan kundi kahirapan [We will continue serving the people. We will continue fighting your administration, which has given the citizenry nothing but suffering].”

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