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New Army chief to push for meritocracy rule

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 22:53:00 05/14/2008

MANILA, Philippines—The new commanding general of the 80,000-strong Philippine Army vowed to strictly enforce the meritocracy rule in promotions and push for the modernization of military hardware as he assumed his post on Wednesday.

In rain-drenched ceremonies in Fort Bonifacio, Lieutenant General Victor Ibrado took over as commanding general of the largest branch of service in the military from Lieutenant General Alexander Yano, who recently assumed as Armed Forces chief of staff.

“To further bolster our standard of professionalism, we shall continue to enforce strictly the rule of meritocracy as a way of life in Team Army,” Ibrado said in his assumption speech.

“We shall therefore ensure that positions of leadership and promotions are obtained through competence and hard work, and not through patronage politics,” he said.

Ibrado said he would push for the military Capability Upgrade Program (CUP), to ensure that Army assets were “in step with advances in military technology.”

“We will sustain the readiness of our troops and units through continuous professional development, training, and physical fitness programs, which are important criteria in assignments to key positions, schooling and specialized assignments,” he said.

Before assuming the Army leadership, Ibrado headed the Armed Forces Central Command (Centcom), which has jurisdiction over the entire Visayas region.

An elite-trained officer, Ibrado also headed the Special Operations Command (Socom), which includes the Scout Ranger and Special Forces regiments, and the Light Reaction Battalion, a US-trained counter-terrorism unit.

Ibrado, like Yano, is a member of the Philippine Military Academy’s 1976 “Magilas” class.

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