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‘Cosme’ toll: 44 dead, P3.7B in property damage

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 17:20:00 05/22/2008

MANILA, Philippines — The death toll from tropical storm “Cosme” (international codename: Halong) rose to 44, while the estimated cost of damage to agriculture and infrastructure hit P3.7 billion, the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) said Thursday.

The storm swept through northern Luzon over the weekend and brought monsoon rains to central and southern Luzon and the western Visayas with 100-kilometer per hour winds.

Thirty-one of the 44 fatalities, mostly due to being hit by flying debris and drowning, were in hard-hit Pangasinan province, where the storm first made landfall last Saturday, the NDCC said in a report.

The storm also left 24 people injured in the Ilocos Region, the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), and Central Luzon, mostly due to debris hurled into the air by strong winds, the NDCC said.

Eight people who were on board three fishing boats that sank off Portuguese Island in Sual town, Pangasinan remain missing. Three people were killed in the incident while five others were rescued.

The total cost of damage was placed at P3,743,148,180, which includes P3,335,220,780 in damage to agriculture, P232,379,000 in damage to roads and bridges, and P175,548,400 in damage to school buildings, it said.

The Ilocos Region suffered the most damage, estimated at P3,264,833,180, followed by Central Luzon with P54,152,600, CAR with P16,100,000, and the Western Visayas with P135,000, the NDCC said.

Floods, storm surge, and landslides affected 1,107,875 people: 854,864 in the Ilocos Region, 198,080 in Central Luzon, 54,202 in the Western Visayas, and 729 in CAR, the NDCC said, adding 130 people, all in the Ilocos Region, remain in evacuation centers.

The storm totally destroyed 26,318 houses and partially damaged 61,090 others, it said.

Power supply has been restored by 92.41 percent in La Union province, 95.2 percent in Zambales province, and 30 percent in Pangasinan province, it said.

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