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Yano: Learning investments ‘big help’ for troops’ income

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 14:34:00 06/05/2008

MANILA, Philippines — Armed Forces chief Lieutenant General Alexander Yano has accepted the Philippine Stock Exchange’s (PSE) offer to lecture soldiers on their investment options, saying it would be a “big help” for augmenting the modest income of the troops.

Yano said he would attend the seminars himself, adding he was eyeing other sources of income ahead of his retirement in 13 months.

On Wednesday, Yano met with business leaders at the PSE in Makati City, where he assured business leaders that restiveness in the ranks has been quelled. He was the first military chief to set foot on the local bourse’s trading floor.

“It’s a big help. You know soldiers, we are not really economically well off, so with this assistance, we can be taught about good investment,” the military chief told reporters.

“We will pursue that p[lecture offer] in the next days, maybe from GHQ [general headquarters] and the other services. I myself am not very familiar, so to be very frank, I also want to be part of that seminar,” he added.

Asked what the general economic standing of soldiers was, Yano said it was “not really high.”

“The good thing is, despite [our] economic [standing], we are happy and we are contented, and we are even investing our lives, so that is the job of the soldier,” Yano said.

The seminars would be free of charge and would be conducted by the PSE’s market education department, bourse president Francisco Lim said.

“We all know of course that there are risk involve in investing stock market but our aim in holding these seminars is to enlighten the soldiers about alternative investment areas where they can keep their savings and where they can earn potential extra income,” Lim said.

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