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Australian’s ‘explosive’ jokes anger generals

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 18:34:00 06/17/2008

MANILA, Philippines — Australian businessman Peter Wallace’s comedy routine at a luncheon in Makati City, in which he poked fun at Filipinos’ “explosive” feces, had his audience, including the military top brass, outraged instead of laughing.

Wallace, an Australian who is president of The Wallace Business Forum, a consultancy firm, said Filipinos are now feared for having the “most explosive sh*t in the world,” after a police investigation showed methane gas from sewage pipes caused the explosion at Makati City’s Glorietta 2 mall in October 2007.

But Wallace did not stop there, he launched into several other jokes at the end of a joint meeting of the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (Finex), the Makati Business Club (MBC), and the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) at the Manila Peninsula Hotel on Tuesday.

“Scientists from Russia, the United States, and China are now analyzing the typical Filipino’s diet to learn what could produce sh*t of such explosive force,” he said.

“Several Filipinos kidnapped in Afghanistan and Iraq, surprisingly by Arab terrorists, have been asked to produce sh*t to be made into bombs for suicide missions,” he said.

Wallace also said the US State Department has alerted the elite Delta Force to “prevent Filipinos and their sh*t from falling into the hands of terror groups.”

The businessman also theorized that the November 2007 explosion at the House of Representatives, which killed Basilan Representative Wahab Akbar and three others, was caused by a “congressman [who] just couldn’t hold it anymore.”

The audience laughed at the first joke, but the amusement level waned as Wallace cracked the succeeding jokes.

Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of staff General Alexander Yano, a guest at the affair, did not laugh at Wallace’s routine.

“It was racist. It was done in bad taste. He had no right to say that,” a general who was with Yano said.

“I was not entertained. It was not only racist, it was extremely vulgar. It was not fit for a joke in that highly professional and respectable assembly,” a second general, who was also at the affair, said.

A middle-grade officer with the generals called the jokes “most offensive, insulting, and impertinent.”

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