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3,000 blasting caps seized in Sulu checkpoint

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 15:07:00 06/19/2008

MANILA, Philippines — Three thousand blasting caps were seized from two men at a checkpoint in the capital town of Jolo in Sulu, a Marine commander in the area said Thursday.

The checkpoints were set up following the abduction of ABS-CBN’s Ces Drilon, her crew, and a professor by alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf who kept them in the province for more than a week.

The two suspects, on board a motorcycle, were flagged down at a junction in Alat village at 10 a.m. Wednesday, hours after Drilon and company were released.

The blasting caps, packed in bundles of 100 caps each, were hidden in a bag, Lieutenant Colonel Ariel Caculitan, commander of the 4th Marine Battalion Landing Team, said in a phone interview.

The two suspects were on their way to Indanan town when they were apprehended. They were later turned over to local police, said
Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Torres Jr., Armed Forces spokesman.

Caculitan said it was not immediately clear if the two were affiliated with the Abu Sayyaf, which operates in the area.

“A blasting cap is an explosive in itself. Each piece, one blasting cap is used for one IED [improvised explosive device]. There is a possibility that these can be used by bad elements,” Caculitan said.

Asked if the two were members of the Abu Sayyaf, Caculitan said: “They may be, they may be not, one thing [for sure] is they were handling explosives, and that is illegal.”

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