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Army ‘car-less days’ to save fuel, promote fitness

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 16:38:00 07/10/2008

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Army has started implementing car-less days in its camps nationwide in an effort to cut back on fuel expenses and promote physical fitness activities like walking and bicycle riding, its spokesman said Thursday.

Army chief Lieutenant General Victor Ibrado, in a text message, said he was not exempted from the car ban.

The car-less days program took effect July 8 and will be observed every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It covers all Army personnel and camp visitors, said Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Brawner, chief of the public affairs office.

“When the prices of petroleum, oil, and lubricants are continuously rising, the Philippine Army, in an effort to minimize the consumption and maximize available fuel resources, without necessarily asking for additional funds, has implemented a car-less day within Philippine Army camps nationwide, starting July 8, 2008,” Brawner said in a statement.

“Any personnel found violating this Standard Operating Procedure shall be dealt with accordingly,” he warned.

Visitors and personnel living outside camp are required to park their cars near the camp gate. From there, they can take the P1 shuttle, walk, or ride a bike to their destination, Brawner said.

Personnel living inside camp are required to leave their vehicles in their barracks or quarters during the designated car-less days.

Also during car-less days, only military vehicles will be allowed to gas up at petrol stations inside camp.

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