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Ermita to report on RP’s peace efforts at Geneva meet

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 16:51:00 09/09/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita will fly to Switzerland to affirm the country’s commitment to peace during the first Review Summit of the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development.

Ermita said he will hand over a letter to Swiss Federation President Pascal Couchepin from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo reiterating her “strong support” to the declaration.

“In presenting our country statement, I will underscore the broad parameters guiding government policies, not only in the peace process, internal security operations, and law enforcement, but also on developmental interventions,” Ermita said.

The Executive Secretary will attend the summit in the wake of a shift in the Arroyo’s government’s peace policy, from talking with armed groups, to talking directly to the communities.

Ermita said he will raise four points during the summit:

• The government remains committed to conflict management through peace-making and peace building

• The government will continue providing assistance to conflict areas and post-conflict rehabilitation

• The government shuns the use of violence in dealing with dissent, including terrorism, and instead, affirms sustainable development to address the roots of conflict

• The government is addressing the proliferation of small arms and light ammunition

Ermita said he will also meet with the Geneva-based Henri Dunant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, which is involved in peace and development efforts in the southern Sulu province.

He added that there were “opportunities” to attend the 9th Session of the Human Rights Council.

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