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Palace: Don’t be ‘suckers’ to propaganda

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 16:55:00 11/10/2008

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang has called on the public not to be “suckers” and fall for the “propaganda” of groups calling for the ouster of government, as it dismissed talk of a fresh destabilization plot against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

At midnight on Friday, the President’s supporters organized a mass inside the Palace so that she could weather what Lucena Bishop Emilio Marquez called a “destabilization problem.”

Over the weekend, a statement purportedly from junior military officers was posted on a pro-rebel website. It vowed to “sweep out” Arroyo’s “corrupt and murderous administration.”

“We’re becoming suckers to propaganda, if we give it credit,” Press Secretary Jesus Dureza said, referring to the statement of the group Para sa Bayan on the Sundalo ( website.

Dureza said the fact that the group remained cloaked in anonymity on the Internet showed that they were incapable of overthrowing government.

Asked if the destabilization reports were true, Dureza said: “The destabilization I think is in the minds of critics more rather than with the general populace.”

Dureza expressed confidence that the public would not support “shortcut” moves to oust Arroyo, especially amid the global economic crisis.

“I don’t think she is affected at all. She is greatly focused on two things — faith in God and governance,” he said.

Arroyo has stared down two military uprisings — in July 2003, when rebel soldiers seized the Oakwood luxury apartments, and in November 2007, when the same group overran the Manila Peninsula Hotel. Both incidents happened in the Makati City financial district.

In February 2006, authorities claimed to have foiled a plot by Army Scout Ranger and Marine officers to lead a mass withdrawal of support from the President on allegations of corruption and election fraud.

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