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Arroyo to ‘2010’ prayer: ‘Oh my God’

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 12:54:00 11/18/2008

MANILA, Philippines — President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was caught off guard, when her press secretary prayed that she would continue to lead the nation “even beyond” the end of her term in 2010.

“Bless the President so we will have forbearance, good health, the tolerance to lead this nation up to 2010 and perhaps who knows even beyond,” Press Secretary Jesus Dureza said at the end of the opening prayer he led at the start of a Cabinet meeting in the Aguinaldo State Dining Room on Tuesday.

Arroyo, looking embarrassed, covered her face and said: “Oh my God.”

After regaining her composure, Arroyo told cameramen and photographers: “That prayer was off the record, so why don’t we get everybody seated. Please, tama na, tama na [that’s enough].”

In his prayer, Dureza also mentioned Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, who was celebrating his birthday on Tuesday.

He likewise prayed for newly-installed Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile, whom he described as a “man for all seasons.”

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