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Lim mulls return of spray paint campaign

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 19:02:00 01/16/2009

Filed Under: Illegal drugs, Local authorities

MANILA, Philippines — Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim said Friday he is “toying” with the idea of restoring the controversial spray-painting of the homes and hideouts of suspected drug dealers as his contribution to the government’s intensified anti-narcotics campaign.

“Yun nga ang pinagiisipan ko e na mag-spray paint [That’s what I’m thinking about, spray painting… I’m toying with the idea of reviving it,” Lim said in an interview with reporters in Manila’s Tondo district, where President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo led a feeding program for then poor.

Lim acknowledged that the Court of Appeals has ruled against his spray-painting drive, but he said the ruling was based on a technicality.

He said there is an existing city ordinance, authorizing him, as the city mayor, to spray paint suspected drug dens.

“There’s a saying, ‘Those who dare, win.’ Kung kinakabahan na maasunto ka, di nakatali ang kamay mo [If you’re afraid to be charged, your hands are tied],” he said.

Lim, a former policeman, earned the moniker “Dirty Harry,” the tough crime fighter played by Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, for his hardline stance against crime and for allegedly abetting the summary execution of crime suspects.

He reclaimed the Manila mayoralty seat in the 2007 elections, giving up the three remaining years left in his term at the Senate.

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