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Nearly half of Filipinos distrust Arroyo

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 16:03:00 03/02/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Almost half of Filipinos distrust President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and disapprove of her performance, public sentiment that has persisted since last year, according to results of an independent survey released Monday.

The Pulse Asia Inc. survey showed that in the first quarter or 2009, 46 percent disapproved of the President’s performance, while 45 percent distrusted her. It showed that 26 percent approved of her performance while 25 percent trusted her.

Of those asked whether or not they approved of the President’s performance, 28 percent were undecided, while of those asked if they trusted her, 30 percent were undecided.

“A near majority of Filipinos expresses disapproval for presidential performance and [express] distrust in President Arroyo,” Pulse Asia said in a statement.

Pulse Asia polled 1,200 adults nationwide from February 2 to 15, when the alleged bribery in drug cases, corruption in World Bank-funded infrastructure projects, and government efforts to produce jobs were in the news.

“I think the survey is not based on actual performance. It is only based on perception and it’s very difficult to measure perception,” deputy presidential spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo said, when asked to comment on the survey.

“I don’t think this should distract the President… She’s working not based on popularity, but rather, on results,” she said.

Arroyo’s 46 disapproval rating was unchanged from October 2008, and little changed from 48 percent in July 2008 and 51 percent in March 2008.

Her 26-percent approval rating was little changed from 27 percent in October 2008. It was at 22 percent in July 2008, and 23 percent in March 2008.

The President’s 45-percent distrust rating was down six percentage points from 51 percent in October 2008, and dropping steadily from 53 percent in July 2008, and 57 percent in March 2008.

He trust ratings were steady at 25 percent from 24 percent in October 2008, and 19 percent in July 2008 and March 2008.

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