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Arroyo: Subsidies for the poor to continue

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By Joel Guinto
First Posted 15:06:00 03/25/2009

MANILA, Philippines – President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on Wednesday said her government would continue providing subsidies to the poor, while cutting on unnecessary spending, as part of efforts to weather the global economic downturn.

“Tuloy pa din yung mga subsidiyo [The subsidies will continue], targeted subsidies to the poorest, subsidies for food, gasoline for the transport sector, and rice,” Arroyo said in an interview.

This as she said the government needed to cut on “unnecessary and wasteful expenses.”

“These are very challenging times that’s why in government, we should tighten our belts, live within our means like the ordinary Filipino family,” Arroyo said.

Arroyo did not say where funding for the new wave of subsidies will be sourced from.

Last year, the government used windfall from Value Added Tax (VAT) collections for pro-poor programs such as conditional cash transfers, food for families who send their children to school, and fuel discounts for public utility drivers.

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